Here at The Earth Eatery Co. our vision is to bring earth friendly products to the forefront, harnessing renewable, sustainable materials that would otherwise go to waste.

Our ethically focused factory located in Vietnam, draws upon their most abundant natural resources, being the bamboo plant and coconut tree, reclaiming the bamboo shoots and coconut shells discarded by larger industries and shape them into beautiful, eco-friendly bowls.

Bamboo is extremely fast growing and abundant which unfortunately means that many plants have to be cut down each year to make room for other produce, such as rice and livestock, leaving this incredibly versatile, renewable product to go to waste. A similar fate is shared by the coconut shell due to the thriving coconut industry where millions of coconuts are harvested for their meat and oils each year, leaving the shell to be thrown into land fill or burned, releasing harsh chemicals into our atmosphere.

What we do is take these discarded resources and up cycle them into beautiful bowls to achieve the greatest life span possible for these products. Through each handcrafted bowl we create, we are saving unnecessary landfill and supporting our ultimate mission to fight the global war on waste.